Advisory Council

Dana Bolles, a woman with light skin and dark hair, smiles at the camera. She has sunglasses on her head.

Dana Bolles

Advisory Committee

Headshot of Gene Chelberg, a white man with red hair with a beard.

Gene Chelberg

Advisory Committee

Anne, a white woman, smiling in front of a blurred green background.

Anne Finger

Advisory Committee - Chair

Trevor Getz stands in front of a Ghanaian cloth. He has light skin and short dark hair.

Trevor Getz

Advisory Committee

Head shot of a light-skinned woman with long dark brown hair.

Sara Kenkare-Mitra

Advisory Committee

Headshot of Kathy Martinez.

Kathy Martinez

Advisory Committee

Milton Reynolds, a black man with short black hair and a beard, looks at the camera.

Milton Reynolds

Advisory Committee - Vice Chair

Head shot of a white man with dark brown hair and reddish-brown beard and mustache.

Eric Talbert

Advisory Committee

Danny Thomas Vang, an Asian man wearing a suit, smiles at the camera.

Danny Thomas Vang

Advisory Committee

Bryan Bashin smiles. He is a white man with white hair, and is wearing a white shirt with a blue vest.

Bryan Bashin

Advisory Committee - Emeritus

Headshot of Steve Harris, a white main with short brown hair. He wears glasses, a green button up shirt, and a suit jacket.

Steve Harris

Advisory Committee - Emeritus

A biracial man with one leg amputated stands with crutches on a sidewalk, with a shirt that reads "hell you talm bout"

Alex Locust

Advisory Committee - Emeritus

Stacey sits outside in a garden in her wheelchair. She has light skin, short dark hair, and is wearing a brightly colored scarf.

Stacey Milbern

Advisory Committee

Headshot of Alice Sheppard, a multiracial woman with brown skin and short, brown curly hair. She smiles to the right of the camera.

Alice Sheppard

Advisory Committee - Emeritus

Photo of Anita Silvers, a white woman with grey hair. She wears a black turtleneck and a brightly colored necklace.

Anita Silvers

Advisory Committee - Emeritus