Milton Reynolds

Milton Reynolds

Advisory Committee - Vice Chair


Milton Reynolds is an educator and activist in the Bay Area. He formerly served for over a decade as senior program associate with Facing History and Ourselves. Before joining Facing History he spent over ten years as a middle school teacher, a diversity/communications consultant and as a curriculum design specialist and has over 30 years of counseling experience. Dedicated to improving dialogue and implementing innovative solutions to address difficult social issues such as race relations and juvenile justice and delinquency concerns, Milton sustains a high level of engagement in his home community.

In addition to serving on the San Mateo Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Commission, he also is the current Governing Board Chair for LEJ (Literacy for Environmental Justice); a San Francisco based environmental justice/youth development non-profit, as well as serving on the advisory board of eduWeavers, an educational non-profit organization dedicated to creating unique school based partnerships among disparate global communities. Milton recently ended a long run on the board of The Working Group, producers of the award winning Not In Our Town, PBS series.

Milton has a strong interest in understanding how the legacies of history manifest themselves in our present society and how the past informs institutional practices and decision making processes in present day society. To this end, the American Eugenics Movement and its ideological legacies has become a subject of particular interest in Milton’s studies.

Milton’s background includes such varied and divergent experiences as being a youth counselor, middle school teacher, service-learning coordinator, tour guide, stand up comedian, and a research associate at U.C. Berkeley and more recently at Stanford University. Milton received his B.A. with distinction in Sociology from San Jose State with a minor in Communications.