Representatives Supporting the Sit-In

A list of representatives from religious and faith organizations supporting the sit-in and calling for the Section 504 regulations to be signed immediately.


We, the undersigned, do hereby endorse the immediate signing of the regulations under Section 504 of the 1973 Vocational Rehabilitation Act, without changes as of January 21, 1977:

Name (Organizations noted for identification only)

  • Rev. Norman Leach, Interim Executive of S.F. Council of Churches
  • Rev. Dr. John Pairman Brown, Director of Northern Calif. Ecumenical Council
  • Mrs. Helen Helton, Administration Asst, SF Council Churches
  • Rev. Jack Malcolm, Assoc. Exec. Golden gate Mission Area, United Presbyterian Church-USA
  • Rev. Claude C. Kilgore, staff to Church & World Issues Committee, UPC-USA
  • Rev. O’Linn McGuire, Stated Clerk, Synod of the Pacific, UPC-USA
  • Rev. James Corson, District Superintendent, Golden Gate Dist., United Methodist Church
  • The Very Rev. Stanley F. Rodgers, Dean of Grace Cathedral (Prot. Episcopal)
  • Rev. Father Charles S.S.T. (Society of St. Thomas)
  • Rev. Dr. B. Davie Napier, President Pacific School of religion
  • Rev. Howard Rice, professor at San Francisco Theological Seminary
  • Rev. Michael Prokes, People’s Temple in San Francisco
  • Rev. William Shive, Director of Berkeley Interfaith Council
  • Ms. Arvid M. Burman, Ecumenical Officer for Diocese of California, Protestant Episcopal Church USA
  • The Rev. Fred Eyster, National Farm Worker Ministry
  • The Rev. David L. Hurty, pastor, Lutheran Church in America
  • The Rev. Hugh Wire, pastor, United Presbyterian Church
  • The Rev. Roswell Gordon, pastor, St. Helena Presbyterian Church
  • The Rev. Nobu T. Imaizumi, pastor, Pine United Methodist Church of SF
  • The Rev. Dr. A.C. Ubalde, Jr., pastor, Bethany United Methodist of SF
  • Bishop J. Stuart Wetmore, chairman Committee of Denominational Executives of New York Metropolitan Area
  • Rev Herb Allen, director, Regional Young Adult Network
  • Rev. Glenda B. Hope, director, San Francisco Young Adult Network
  • Ms. Katie Choy, coordinator Northern California Food Network
  • Rev. Mr. Charles Briody, Secretary, Bay Area Ecumenical Committee of Concern for Chile
  • Mr. Joel Brooks, Executive Director, American Jewish Congress
  • Mrs. Enola Maxwell, SF Human Rights Commission
  • The Rev. Leon R. McDougall, pastor, Protestant Episcopal Church (Stockton)
  • State Senator Milton arks
  • SF Supervisor Dianne Feinstein
  • SF Supervisor John Molinari
  • Rev. John Williams, Exec. Director, Intersection: Center for Religion and the Arts
  • Mrs. Jesse Bews, steward Bethel A.ME. Church of SF


  • Executive Committee, San Francisco Council of Churches
  • Executive Committee, Northern California Ecumenical Council
  • Healing Community Project of San Francisco
  • Healing Community Project of Indianapolis
  • The Staff of New York Conference, United Church of Christ Metro Assoc.
  • Bay Area Low Vision Clinic – SF
  • Associated Student Body of College of Marin