The Longmore Institute’s “Patient No More” exhibit celebrates the accomplishments that the disability rights movement has achieved, but we are also eager to draw attention to the ongoing social justice work that is still being fought for. We asked attendees to the Patient No More main exhibit at the Ed Roberts Campus to shout their chants into a bullhorn that recorded the audio, or to take selfie photos via a webcam while holding a whiteboard that expressed: "I'm #PatientNoMore because...

To view the webcam #PatientNoMore Selfies, check out our blog:

Installment 1 Installment 2

Listen to the #PatientNoMore bullhorn chants in the following installments!:

Main Exhibit

After a 7 month run at the Ed Roberts Campus in Berkeley and 3 months at the San Francisco Public Main Library, the main exhibit has returned to storage. To see the traveling version of Patient No More, visit Exhibit Envoy!

Traveling Exhibit

  • Pink Palace Museum, Memphis, TN: November 8, 2020 – January 24, 2021

  • Miami University, Miami, OH: February 28 – April 25, 2021

  • East Texas Oil Museum at Kilgore College, Kilgore, TX: August 22 – October 17, 2021

  • Museum on Main, Pleasonton, CA: April 3 – May 29, 2022

  • Historical & Cultural Society of Clay County, Moorhead, MN: March 25 – June 11, 2023