Grants/Sponsors/Special Thanks


Three years of work on a project incurs many personal and professional debts that are hard to summarize and impossible to repay. The generosity of our various communities has been a real joy, and we hope we have done your faith in us justice. From reading drafts of exhibit text to playing with access prototypes, we have asked a lot of anyone who knows the Longmore Institute, and are grateful for the opportunity to name everyone who volunteered their time to help the Patient No More project. But just as there is always one indispensible thing one leaves behind when embarking on a long journey, we know that we might have missed an invaluable name or two: if this is you, please call us up and we'll do our very best to make it up to you! Above all, we're deeply grateful to the participants in the 504 Occupation who taught us a thousand lessons large and small. Because of you, the world is a better place, and can be better still.


Grant Funding

  • Cal Humanities (Community Stories)
  • East Bay Community Foundation
  • SF State Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

Major Sponsors ($5,000 and above)

  • Ed Roberts Campus (in-kind)
  • LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired (in-kind)
  • Talon Entertainment (in-Kind)

Lead Sponsors ($2,500)

Anonymous Catherine Kudlick HolLynn D'Lil (in-kind) James Le Brecht, Berkeley Sound Artists (in-kind)

Sustaining Sponsors ($1,000)

Anthony R. Candela Anthony Tusler Babette Schmitt Bancroft Library, UC Berkeley (in-kind) David Brown and Ellen Longmore Brown David Serlin and Brian Selznick Eugene Chelberg and David Meissner GLBT Historical Society (in-kind) HumanWare (in-kind) Jeffrey Harris Margit Stange Norma Urcuyo-Siani and Albert W. Alston Jr. Richard Rothman Trevor and Jessica Getz

Community Sponsor $500

HolLynn D'Lil Julie Harris Karen Sawislak and Joan Berry Law Office of Lainey Feingold Marianne Constable Nikolas Lemos Randy Shaw and Lainey Feingold Sheila A. McClear Susan Mann

Patron $499 or below

Anne Cohen Millet, Alice Wexler, Allis Dexter, Allison Courdet, Andrea Rouah, Andrew Sandler, Ann Millet, Anne Finger, Anne Hyde, Anthony Tusler and Lyndi Brown, Barbara Hubler, Barbara Loomis, Beverly Bossler and James Tsui, C. Michael Mellor, Carol J. Gill and Larry A. Voss, Charli Ornett, Clifford Chase, Coming Home Of A.I.W.P., Corbett Joan O'Toole, Daniel Goldstein, Daniel Lovejoy, Darin Gordon, David Gerber, David L. de Lorenzo, David Rourke and Michael Neri, Deborah Doctor, Dennis Cannon, Dennis McEnnerney and Bryant Ragan, Diane J. Moore, Dominika Bednarska, Dr. Ann M. Hallum, Dr. Mary Ann Begley, Dr. Philip Prinz, Dr. Susan Burch, Elaine Gerber, Elizabeth Reis and Matthew Dennis, Gabrielle Hecht and Paul Edwards, Gail Whitaker and Jan Andreasen, Gale and Phillip Brownell, George and Kristina Baer, Georgina Kleege, Gina Werfel and Hearne Pardee, Halle Lewis, Harold Braswell, Jean and Mike Kudlick, Jeanine and Eugene Marcucci, Jeff and Leslie Wilbourn, Jim Ferris, Joan Cadden and Curt Zimansky, Joann Lum, Joanne Sharp, John and Jo Volkert, John and Melanie Sandler, Judith Rogers and Peter Freedman, Justin J.W. Powell, Kate Rousmaniere, Katherine Sherwood, Katie Mechem, Kristin Lindgren, Lawrence Glickman, Leora Auslander and Tom Holt, Lincoln Cushing of Docs Populi, Linda and Randy Sparks, Linda Owens, Linda Wolford, Lucy Corin, Lucy Salyer, Maggie O'Brien, Marc Stein, Marcy Darnovsky, Margaret and Lawrence Potts, Marilyn Golden, Mark and Divina Meigs, Marty Martinson, Mary Bazar, Mary Odem, Matthew and Deborah Meissner, Matthew and Serafina Messina, Michael Ritter, Mirel Tikkanen, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Klein, Nicole Bohn, Omnia El Shakry, Oswaldo Garcia, Pam Su, Patricia Chadwick, Paul Grossman, Perry L. Lang and Kenneth P. Monteiro, Philip Ferguson, Phoebe Kwan and Ralph Leighton, Professor Clarence E. Walker, R. Kevin Wood, Raymond Grott, Ricardo Gomez, Richard Nizzardini, Russell Geoffrey and Katharine deBaun, Sandra Rosen, Sandra Sufian, Sandy and Rita Walsh-Wilson, Sara Scalenghe, Senior and Disability Action, Shawn Whalen, Simi Linton, Steven and Lillian Brown, Sue Kroeger, Susan and David Brown, Susan Chandler, Susan Lasoff, Susan Sterett, Thimesch Law Offices, Timothy Lillie Ph.D., Wendy Bloom, William Lundgren, Zachary Nathan Architect, Zelinda Zingaro-Smith

Humanities Advisors

  • Ann Lage
  • David De Lorenzo
  • Dennis Billups
  • Georgina Kleege
  • Jeremy Varon
  • Katherine Ott
  • Ken Stein
  • Kim E. Nielsen
  • Leroy Moore
  • Mary Lou Breslin
  • Michael S. Foley
  • Susan Schweik

Oral History Interviewees

  • Anthony Tusler, 504 protest supporter
  • Arlene Mayerson, Disability rights attorney
  • Barry Ryan, 504 protester
  • Beverly Bertaina, 504 protester
  • Bill Johnson, 504 protester
  • Bill Palmer, 504 protester
  • Bonnie Regina, 504 protester
  • Bruce Oka, 504 protester
  • Connie Soucy, 504 protester
  • Debbie Armstrong, 504 protester
  • Dennis Billups, 504 protester
  • Didi Roberts, Disability activist
  • Eddie Jauregui, 504 protester
  • Elaine Brown, Chairman of the Black Panther Party in 1977
  • Evan White, Journalist
  • Gary Gray, Disability activist
  • George Miller, Congressman. (D-CA 11th District) in 1977
  • Herb Levine, 504 protester
  • HolLynn D'Lil, 504 Protester
  • Jeff Moyer, 504 protester
  • Jim Engvall, 504 protester
  • Joan Leon, 504 protest supporter
  • Joanne Jauregui, 504 protester
  • Joe Quinn, ASL Interpreter and 504 protester
  • Judy Brady, 504 protest supporter
  • Judy Heumann, 504 protest organizer
  • Karen Parker, 504 protester
  • Karen Rose, 504 protester
  • Kathy Cranmer (Swami Suddhananda), 504 protester
  • Ken Stein, 504 protest supporter
  • Kitty Cone, 504 protest organizer
  • Lynette Taylor, ASL Interpreter and 504 protester
  • Mary Lou Breslin, 504 protester
  • Maureen Fitzgerald, 504 protester
  • Paul Grossman, Disability rights attorney
  • Peter Mendoza, 504 protest supporter
  • Ralf Hotchkiss, 504 protester
  • Ray Uzeta, 504 protester
  • Ron Washington, 504 protester
  • Tom Rickert, 504 protester supporter

Special Thanks

Academic Technology at SF State, Alice Sheppard, Alice Wong, Anthony Tusler, Associated Students Inc. of SF State, Avril Harris, Babette Schmitt, Barbara Loomis, Benjamin Barnett, Bob Cornelis and Color Folio, Bruce Welch, Bryan Bashin, Carla Johnson, Cecile Puretz, Chantelle Gomez, Chris Clark, Chris Downey, Christine Fogarty, College of Liberal & Creative Arts, Community Works West, Corbett O'Toole, Dan Gilette, Daniel Bernardi, Disability Programs and Resource Center, Dmitri Belsner, Ed Luby, Ed Roberts Campus, Eugene Chelberg, Elaine Brown, Eli Clare, Felicia Kelly, Geralyn Mangahas, Gizmo Art Productions, Hang Cheng, Heidi Seretan, HolLynn D'Lil, Jane Veeder, Jeff Moyer, Joan Jasper, Joe Quinn, Joni Breves, Jordan Piorek, Josh Miele, Karla Moraza, Catherine Murphy, Kayla Tolentino, Kitty Cone, Laurie Pitman and Bob Pasker, Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, Lee Staub, Leonidas Gkimisis, Lisa Eriksen Consulting, Mahalia LeClerc, Mary Walsh, Meredith Manning, Michele Spitz, Milton Reynolds, Nicole Bohn, Renee Starowicz, Rick Boggs, Robert Eap, Ruth Morgan, SF State students (in Spring 2014 Journalism 321, History 484, Museum Studies 710, and Design and Industry 576), Sherry Hicks, Steve Harris, Ellen Longmore and David Brown, Susan Englander, Susan Henderson, Susan O'Hara, Teri Grossman, Tim Kerbavaz, Trevor Getz, Zona Roberts And special thanks as well to San Francisco State University students who participated in this project:

Design and Industry Students and Alumni

Aileen Coutte, Alexandra Soiseth, Chantelle Gomez, Chelsea Lowrey, Chris Reed, Crystel Gomez, Daisy Gerstein, Dana Lui, Daniel Guasca, Hanae Aoki, Henok Haile, Jose Aguilera, Kim Covey, Kris Oo Kristian Ablao, Liam Collins, Lilia Thai, Maggie Lee, Makenna Cook, Marlen Jaramillo, Miles Hammond, Tony Sanchez, Wesley Chan

Journalism 321

Adrian Rodriguez, Ayesha Rizvi, Coburn Palmer, Craig Lifto, Godofredo Vasquez, Holly Nall, Jake Montero, Jasmin Taylor, Jennifer Moreno, Jordan Hunter, Katherine Mullen, Kristen Martz, Macy Williams, Melissa Landeros, Michael Duran, Natalie Yemenidjian, Nena Farrell, Nicole Dobarro, Rueben Agna Deveras, Sarah Todd

History 484

Ana Louise Trinidad, Jack Schlinder, Justin Steinberg, Melanie Aldridge, Na'Ama Goldfill, Naseem Golabi

Main Exhibit

After a 7 month run at the Ed Roberts Campus in Berkeley and 3 months at the San Francisco Public Main Library, the main exhibit has returned to storage. To see the traveling version of Patient No More, visit Exhibit Envoy!

Traveling Exhibit

  • Pink Palace Museum, Memphis, TN: November 8, 2020 – January 24, 2021

  • Miami University, Miami, OH: February 28 – April 25, 2021

  • East Texas Oil Museum at Kilgore College, Kilgore, TX: August 22 – October 17, 2021

  • Museum on Main, Pleasonton, CA: April 3 – May 29, 2022

  • Historical & Cultural Society of Clay County, Moorhead, MN: March 25 – June 11, 2023