Getting the Most Out of the Exhibit

We recommend that you begin the exhibit by watching the short introductory video in the large column. Then, wander as you like, because there is no recommended linear path.

  • Plan on spending 45-minutes to an hour; it's possible that return visits will offer a new perspective, especially if you start with a different kiosk.
  • Audio tours are available to access on a smartphone or via computer.
  • Check out the accessibility section of our website for features related to specific disabilities.
  • Unlike many exhibits, we encourage you to touch everything!
  • Photographs displayed in this exhibit cannot be commercially published, sold, reproduced, transferred or distributed.
  • Please join us in ensuring accessibility by not using scented products such as colognes and perfumes.
  • Please protect the exhibit and our history. While food and drink are permitted in the Ed Roberts Campus, try to keep it away from kiosks. If you do spill something, let the front desk know. Remember: the 504 Occupiers stayed an extra day in the SF Federal Building just so they could clean up!