A Press Release From Day Five

A press release from day five of the occupation lists the ‘widening endorsements’ still flowing in, including many HEW employees and Governor Jerry Brown.


Due to increasing difficulty with telephone communication, we urge you to come to the HEW building in person for most up-to-date, accurate information

504 Coalition, HEW Building
Room 455, 50 United Nations Plaza, San Francisco, California
Phone: (415) 626 9101

For Immediate Release

Widening endorsements of 504 Coalition

Following is a partial list of organizations and individuals supporting the position of the 504 Coalition concerning the signing of the January 21 regulations concerning Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 giving disabled individuals civil rights:

Three-fourths of the staff of the Office of Civil Rights of HEW, San Francisco sent a telegram to President Carter requesting that Carter direct Secretary Califano to sign the regulations as of January 21, 1977.

American federation of Government Employees Local No. 3159, the union representing employees in the HEW building, officially addressed letters to President Carter and Secretary Califano supporting the coalition’s demand that the January 21 version of the 504 regulations be signed.

A telegram from ten California Congress people supporting the Coalition’s position was sent to President Carter. The Congress people include: Phillip Burton; Tom Harkin; John L. Burton; Pete Stark; George Miller; William Katuchum; Jim Coreman; Tim Carter; Leo Zeferetti and William Brodhead.

A petition in support of the 504 Coalition was signed by one hundred staff members of HEW, San Francisco.

Other endorsements include:
Governor Brown
Ed Roberts, Director, California Department of Rehabilitation
American Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities

Other endorsements continue to reach us. This ever-growing stream of support keeps morale here inside the HEW building high.