George Miller’s Visit and Support

A press release outlines George Miller’s visit and support.


504 Coalition
HEW Building
Room 455
50 United Nations Plaza
San Francisco, California
Phone: (415) 626-9101

April 10, 1977


Congressman Miller in Strong Support of Demonstrators

Congressman George Miller spoke to a crowd of over one hundred demonstrators inside the San Francisco offices of HEW today in support of the actions taken by the 504 Coalition.

On joining the demonstrators, Congressman Miller asked to be informed concerning the changes in the 504 regulations proposed by Secretary Califano. He stated that while in Washington, he had been led to believe that proposed changes dealt primarily with reduction of bureaucracy. He was dismayed to learn of the real extent of the changes. If Califano’s version of the 504 regulations were to become effective, the actual intent of the law would be destroyed.

Saying, “HEW does not make law,” Congressman Miller urged the demonstrators to remain in the building, telling them that he is in full agreement with the Coalition’s position that strong, persistent action is the only means by which the disabled will obtain full civil rights.

Congressman Miller also stated that he deplored the tactics used against the demonstrators in Washington, tactics of which he first learned today in San Francisco.

The Congressman promised his support and that of his staff, saying that his office will make contact early tomorrow with the remainder of the Bay Area delegation, asking that they and all others in Congress join in support of the Coalition. He expects that he and his colleagues will be in direct contact with Secretary Califano shortly.

For Further Information Contact:
Judy Heumann
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