Maxfield Hunt

Maxfield Hunt faces the camera with a slightly mysterious facial expression. He is wearing a grey shirt, glasses, and has long, flowing blonde hair. The iconic Golden Gate Bridge is behind him.
Longmore Student Fellow - Fall 2019


Maxfield Hunt (he/him) is an undergraduate student pursuing the field of communication with a minor in history at San Francisco State. Disability has been an underpinning throughout Maxfield's life ever since he had a stroke at birth. Maxfield finds that life is enhanced by surrounding himself with folks with differences whether they are visible or not. It is invigorating to be around people with the tenacity and diligence to persevere past challenges.  He is also the product of a California upbringing enriched by The Cheesecake Factory, Apple products, Marilyn Manson, and Woody Allen. He is equally invested in Frasier-fandom as he is in Disney-mania. This compulsive obsession with culture lends itself to tackling media through the Longmore Institute lens and looks forward to contributing to the Longmore Institute in as many ways as it is possible in the future.