Catherine Kudlick with sunglasses. She is a white woman with short grey hair, and is wearing a pink shirt.

Catherine J. Kudlick

Professor of History

Photo of Emily Smith Beitiks, a white woman with brown hair in a braid, smiling at the camera

Emily Smith Beitiks

Associate Director

Portrait of a white person with brown hair standing in front of a turquoise-panted brick wall smiling slightly.

Emma Allen-Landwehr

5A Student Fellow - 2021

Nathan Burns looks at the camera, is wearing glasses and striped shirt, has a slight smile and short light brown hair. They are standing in front of a brick wall.

Nathan Burns

Longmore Student Fellow - Fall 2019

Angela is sitting down near a water fountain and smiling at the camera. There are pink and white flowers around her. She is a white woman with shoulder-length dark brown hair, wearing a yellow blouse with flowers, ripped blue jeans, and a pair of black sunglasses on top of her head.

Angela Evenich

5A Student Fellow - 2021

Andrea Northrup smiles as a goat eats out of her hand. She is a white woman with long brown hair, and is wearing sunglasses and a vest under a flannel.

Andrea Northrup

Superfest Phase 1 Jury - 2021

Olive sits on a tire, posing for the camera. She has light skin, dark hair in a ponytail, and is wearing striped pants.

Olive Patton

Student Fellow - Fall 2021

[Image Description: In a service elevator with two x-marks on the floor; A light-brown-skinned person with dark curly hair is seated in a bright orange electric wheelchair waving a hand caught in blurred motion.]

JS Shokrian

Longmore Senior Fellow

George Tinoco poses in front of an painting that looks like a target. He smiles at the camera and is wearing an all black uniform.

George Tinoco

Superfest Phase 1 Jury - 2021