At Home in the Federal Building

"THEY'RE TIRED. THEY'RE GRUBBY. THEY'RE UNCOMFORTABLE..." - KGO report, April 7th, 1977 Protestors demonstrate in favor of 504

Photograph by HolLynn D'Lil

Protesters gather around a cluttered office desk to plan next actions. The HEW offices at 50 United Nations Plaza became the office of the ‘Section 504 Emergency Coalition.’

When the sit-in began, nobody dreamed they'd be there for nearly a month. Most arrived with nothing. Some risked losing jobs and relationships. For many, this was the first time they had slept away from home. Despite hardships, they also found camaraderie as they talked, played cards, sang, partied, made friends, and fell in love.

Photographs in video courtesy of HolLynn D'Lil

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