HolLynn D’Lil Book Presentation

HolLynn's book
Event Date: Tuesday, July 18, 2017
Location: San Francisco Main Public Library 100 Larkin St., Learning Studio, 5th Floor

504 photographer HolLynn D’Lil Presents Her Book: Becoming Real in 24 Days

504 phtographer, participant, and unofficial archivist HolLynn D'Lil will present a slideshow of some of her photographs and share memories from her personal journey during the 1977 protest. 

The Main Library is wheelchair accessible. To request other accommodations, contact marti.goddard@sfpl.org or call 415-557-4557. Requesting accommodations at least 72 hours in advance will help to ensure availability.

Read what Fran Osbourne, curator of "Patient No More“ exhibit, had to say about this important work: 

Becoming Real in 24 Days is such a unique book in many ways that summarizing it in a brief review can never do it justice. HolLynn D’Lil’s transformative, personal and highly detailed account of the amazing story of the Section 504 sit-in of the Federal Building in 1977 San Francisco is packed with life, energy and delicious details not to be found anywhere else. This book is a gift for teachers everywhere and while most people have heard of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), the story to establish the regulations for Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 has not been presented in such an accessible way and vibrant way before. 

HolLynn was one of the many original Section 504 protesters who risked a great deal during the intensity of the demonstrations but who like many others, went on to become a leading disability-rights advocate. She was also one of the very few protesters to save precious ephemera, documents, notebooks and news clippings of the events from those heady days of 1977. We should all be very grateful that HolLynn preserved for everyone such a comprehensive and valuable archive of material, now presented in a way that will surely enlighten, inform and entertain.