Superfest Showcase at San Francisco Public Library Main Branch

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Event Date: Sunday, August 14, 2016
Location: San Francisco Public Library Main Branch


Predators of Transylvania (2015 Disabled Filmmaker Award Winner) [7 min.] Director: Julia Kolenakova; Slovakia

Nothing is quite as it seems in this Slovakian folklore-inspired animation.

To Be or Not To Be (2015 Excellence Award Winner) [61 min.] Director: Aziz Zairov; Kazakhstan
An actor who is disabled rehearses Hamlet's soliloquy and questions whether to live or die.

Regione Caecorum (In the Land of the Blind) (2015 P.K. Walker Innovation in Craft Award) [3 min.] Director: Drew Goldsmith; U.S.

If a society is built with blind people as the norm, it might be the person with sight who feels disabled.

The Gift (of Impermanence) (2105 Artistry Award Winner) [11 min.] Director: Alex Ketley; U.S.

Axis Dance Company's choreography allows an audience to explore what is beautiful about the diverse body.

Rent-A-Crip (2015 Disability Comedy Award) [3 min.] Director: Terry Galloway and Diane Wilkins; U.S.

A savvy group of disabled people have taken the reins from the able-bodied profiteers and put themselves in control.

Fixed (2015 Best of Festival Feature Winner) [60 min] By Regan Brashear; United States
From botox to bionic limbs, the human body is more "upgradeable" than ever. Fixed rethinks "disability" and "normalcy" by exploring technologies that promise to change bodies and minds forever.

Bastion (2015 Best of Festival Short Winner) [11 min.] Director: Ray Jacobs; U.K.

A completely bald man walks into a barber shop, his reflection in the window has told him it's time for a haircut.

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