Superfest Day 2, with Actiview!

Day 2 Superfest will have closed audio description access thanks to Actiview; here's how to make use of it!

Actiview App “How To”

In-Theater Watching Instructions

We are excited that you’re ready to use the Actiview App! Below are a few tips and instructions for an easy, accessible movie-watching experience.
Before heading to the theater…
1. Download the Actiview App on your iOS mobile device ( )
2. Log into / sign up for the app
3. Scroll to the bottom of the homescreen and click the “+” icon, “Redeem a Code” - Enter SUPERF18
4. Select the movie you want to watch (scroll to top of the page and to the last movie in the “In Theaters” section)
5. Select and download the available languages and accessibility service(s) you want to use
6. Make sure your phone is charged and that you bring headphones to the theater if you’re using any audio service!
When you arrive at the theater…
1. Open the Actiview App on your mobile device
2. Choose the movie you’re going to see
3. Make sure your headphones are plugged in if you’re using an Audio service
4. When the movie starts, hit the play button on the service you selected
5. The app will sync using the microphone so make sure it’s not covered
6. You’re all set! Enjoy the show!