New Orleans Students Sell Brownies to See "Patient No More"

By: The Paul K. Longmore Institute on Disability

Last year, a teacher reached out to the Longmore Institute, saying that she had a group of students, all with learning disabilities, who wanted to see our exhibit "Patient No More" at the Ed Roberts Campus. We hosted many field trips over the exhibit's six-month run, but this call was unique; the teacher was calling us all the way from New Orleans. The students would first have to fundraise in order to make this trip happen, so they launched a GoFundMe campaign called "Berkeley or Bust" and sold brownies to drum up enough funds.

To share the history of the 504 occupation with students who had traveled so far and worked so hard was a wonderful moment for the Longmore Institute. We arranged for 504 participants Maureen Fitzgerald, Corbett O'Toole, and Dennis Billups to come out and share their stories with the students. Watch this 2.5 minute video (audio described and captioned) of the students' day at the Patient No More exhibit: