Introducing, our new WikiPedian: Jackie Koerner!

  We had previously posted about a search for a WikiPedian, and now we have one!Portrait style photo of a woman in a denim button down shirt and light brown hair. She is smiling. Image Courtesy of Jackie's blog Jackie Koerner completed her PhD at Saint Louis University in Higher Education in August 2016, where she wrote a dissertation titled, “An exploration of the lived experiences of college students with disabilities.” She is passionate about disability, education, and the free knowledge movement.

When not tackling education questions, you can find her rescuing furry friends, at the gym, or in a suburb of St. Louis where she lives with her husband, daughters, and clan/flock/pack of rescued pets. -- We are eager to get her work started, so if you have noted any problematic disability entries, let us know, either in the comments or via email ( A yellow library access card positioned askew on a Mac keyboard. The card reads: "San Francisco State University J. Paul Leonard Library, Special Borrower" with Jackie Koerner's name on it. Image courtesy of Jackie's blog