"I'm #PatientNoMore" Webcam Photographs

The Longmore Institute’s “Patient No More” exhibit celebrates the accomplishments that the disability rights movement has achieved, but we are also eager to draw attention to the ongoing social justice work that is still being fought for. We are asking attendees to the Patient No More exhibit to write their "I'm #PatientNoMore" statements, and then take a selfie. Here’s the first batch…check back for more to come!

A light skinned woman with short, wavy, brown hair, wearing pink-framed prescription glasses and peace sign earrings holds a white rectangular sign on a wooden stick. The sign reads “I’m #PatientNoMore: I have a right to an education! Make accommodations free!” She has a pleasant smile on her face.    A dark skinned girl in a bright pink t-shirt stands holding a sign triumphantly in the air in front of her. The sign reads the text from the previous user: “ I’m #PatientNoMore: I am not an animal to doctors and nurses, used and abused for medical science.” She is smiling and looking slightly to the left above the camera.

Two women sit holding signs. The first, a woman with black hair and a headband, holds a sign reading “I’m #PatientNoMore: Access 4 Testing.” She is looking at the camera. The second woman has light skin and short blond hair. Her sign reads “ I’m #PatientNoMore: Sign CRPD”     A man with light skin, brown head and facial hair, and glasses holds a sign that reads, “I’m #PatientNoMore: Remember the V04 = Access 4 all.”

A light skinned woman with long blonde hair holds a sign reading “I’m #PatientNoMore: because people with disabilities should be in the work place, but federal benefits hold us back. Change Social Security!” She smiles down at the sign with her eyes closed.     A light skinned girl with short brown hair parted in the middle sits holding a sign saying “ I’m #PatientNoMore: because there is not enough focus on quality of life for people with disabilities.” She is smiling looking slightly above the camera.

A light skinned man in a blue shirt stands holding a sign reading “I’m #PatientNoMore: I am not an animal to doctors and nurses, used and abused for medical science.” He is smiling looking at the camera.     A light skinned man and woman stand together with the man's right arm around the woman’s right shoulder. She has dark-blonde, straight, ear-length hair with sunglasses perched atop her head. Her smile is big and wide as she is looking at the camera. Her shirt and torso are covered by the sign the man is carrying with his left hand. The sign reads “I’m #PatientNoMore: Break more curbs!!!” He is wearing dark brown pants, a grey button down shirt with white polka dots on it and is clutching a jean jacket between his left forearm and his torso. His shirtsleeves are rolled up to the elbow and his top shirt button is unbuttoned. He has a big smile on his face and is looking at the camera. His head is bald.