Disability Justice & Gene Editing: Exploring Multiple Perspectives

By the Longmore Institute  Staff


On April 24, our associate director Emily Beitiks moderated a panel with disability rights activists Anita Cameron and Mia Mingus, alongside sociologist and bioethicist Tom Shakespeare and feminist disability studies scholar Rosemarie Garland-Thomson, discussing how emerging biotechnology like gene editing impact and shape our ideas about disability rights and justice today. During the webinar, we experienced technical difficulties which are reflected in the video. We appreciate your understanding.

A Storify of the webinar livetweets at #CGSBioethics: storify.com/SFdirewolf/cgsbioethics-disability-justice-human

Co-sponsored by:
The Center for Genetics and Society: geneticsandsociety.org
Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund (DREDF): dredf.org
The Disability Visibility Project: disabilityvisibilityproject.com
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