5 Reasons to Look Forward to Superfest

1) This will be our 31st year! 

A multi-colored painted film slate clapperboard

Superfest first debuted in a small showcase located in Los Angeles and is now co-hosted by San Francisco's Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired and the Paul K. Longmore Institute on Disability at San Francisco State University. We are proud to be the longest running disability-related film festival in the world.

2) Leaders from local disability organizations will introduce each film!

A nearly empty subway station with arched openings with two men facing another celebrates a passion that transcends language barriers.

Not only does Superfest have a great selection of films, but it is also a chance to learn more about leaders and organizations making a positive difference in the Bay Area.

3) This year we received over 160 submissions!

A camera man filming a young boy and girl in a wheelchair having a conversation Learn why received our Best of Festival - Feature award, a refreshing look at autism told with the autistic person and documentary subject getting the final word.

While we cannot feature each and every film, the 15 selected films have been shot and filmed in nine countries and represent an important array of issues and perspectives. There will also be filmmakers joining us from all over the world to preview their work.

4) Join us for free access tours at The Contemporary Jewish Museum

An overhead shot of five peoples feet standing in a circle surrounding a tiny white service dog with an orange vest looking at the camera provides an important ode to the service dog at a time when their services are increasingly being called into question.

Arrive early on Sunday for described and ASL interpreted tours of the museum!

5) Superfest is as accessible as it gets!

A bird's eye view of two Asian girls in pajamas laying on two mattresses pushed together with their shoes and jackets and pens spread across the floor explores people living with disabilities in Vietnam resulting from Agent Orange.

Access is always a process, but we are proud that Superfest models what access can look like for film festivals internationally. We provide open captioning, audio description, integrated seating for wheelchair riders, a scent-free zone, ASL interpreting, and more. No need to make requests for any of these services - we've got you covered! To learn more and buy your tickets today, check out www.superfestfilm.com