5 Reasons to Buy Your Tickets to Superfest Today!

Over a bright yellow background, a hand-drawn black wheelchair with the word "director" written across the backrest fills the frame of the image. The space between the spokes of the chair wheels alternate in wedges of yellow, indigo, violet, and bright blue. The same colors appear in angular shapes across the bottom half of the poster. The words "Superfest International Disability Film Festival" are written in bold blue print across the top of the poster, while the date and location of the event appear in white at the bottom.      With Superfest: International Disability Film Festival just a few weeks away, we encourage you to join us for the 30th anniversary celebration!

Screenings are October 22nd at 1pm & 6pm, with Party at 4:30, at The Magnes Collection of Jewish Art and Life in Downtown Berkeley; and October 23rd at 1pm at The Contemporary Jewish Museum in Downtown San Francisco.


5 Reasons to Buy Your Tickets to Superfest Today:

1. It’s Superfest’s 30th Anniversary and we’re having a big party!
Image of an array of decorations for a 30th birthday party, including a '30' pinata, party hats, and streamers made of pastel pink and green tissue paper and gold foil paper.

2. The festival is emceed by 2 hilarious comedians with disabilities.
 Nina GBlack and white image of Michael Beers, holding a microphone with one hand and gesturing with the other, as if he is in the middle of delivering a hilarious joke.

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3. With a record number of submissions and films from around the globe, you'll love this line up!
Poster for the film "Like If...". Top and bottom of the image list awards and film festival screenings in gold laurel leaves. In the canter, a black and white image of a woman in a wheelchair, with clear framed glasses and blonde hair. She looks off to her left wistfully. Over the image, in red cursive lettering, the title and credits of the film."The Right to be Rescued" in white lettering, set against an image of water and a far off shoreline. The sun shines and is reflected in the water.A family photo of the filmmaker near a lake. He smiles in the front, his prosthetic arm visible.A black and white image of two women sitting on a bench in a park. The woman on the left is black and wearing darker clothes, and the woman on the right is white and wearing lighter clothes. They are both blind, and have canes.

4. Free access tours at The Contemporary Jewish Museum. Arrive early on Sunday for described and ASL interpreted tours of the museum.

Wide-angle shot of the exterior of the Contemporary Jewish Museum, featuring cube-like glass structures. 5. Superfest is the most accessible film festival in the world—we have open captioning, audio description, live captioning, integrated seating for wheel chair riders, scent free zone, assisted listening devices, ASL interpreters, and more. Buy your TICKETS today!