Mo Battiest

A portrait of Mo Battiest sitting in front of a green field.
Longmore Student Fellow Summer 2019


Mo Battiest is an undergraduate student at SF State pursuing a Bachelors degree in Cinema and and minor in Marketing. They are exhilarated to join the Paul K. Longmore Institute on Disability where they can contribute to altering the stigma and misconceptions of people with disabilites. They strive to provide a campus that longs for safety, inclusion, and accessibility for all walks of life. As an advocate and sibling of someone on the spectrum, they have been introduced to a social climate that is in desperate need of change. Through Mo’s work as an undergraduate student, they aim to represent the underrepresented in a light that leads to the erasure of the day-to-day discrimination and intolerance those individuals face. In the honorable collaboration with The Longmore Institute, that goal will be met.