Stephanie Christine Martin

Stephanie Martin has her hand on her hip and faces the camera at an angle.  She has long, dark, wavy hair, with bright teal tips. She is smiling and wearing a black top.
Longmore Student Fellow- Fall 2019


Stephanie Martin (she/her) is a transfer student from Pasadena City College finishing up her undergraduate degree in Comparative Literature at SFSU. Stephanie is a SoCal native that hails from LA county, so, yes; she loves Disney, movies, tacos, and the Trojans.  Stephanie has lived in a world of disability since she was born she just didn't become aware of it till she was fourteen when she was diagnosed with bipolar. Ever since then, she has had a constant love for comics and superheroes; she even teaches a course at SFSU with the EXCO program on those topics.

She is excited to be working for the Longmore Institute on Disability and hopes to contribute with her outreach abilities to help Longmore accomplish their goals.