Sandra Lane

Sandra Lane faces the camera with a small smile. She is wearing a black turtle neck and jacket and has shoulder-length brown hair.
Longmore Student Fellow - Fall 2019


Sandra Lane (she/her) is a native of San Francisco, who previously enjoyed a lengthy professional career as a paralegal in civil litigation, as well as antiques and collectibles shop proprietor in San Francisco. She recently returned to SFSU to complete a major in Women and Gender Studies as well as a minor in Holistic Health. She had a personal epiphany while taking a disability studies class as she realized her own efforts to make invisible her disabilities; a class which helped her come out to herself and others as a person living with an unseen disability. Sandra has spent many years as a volunteer doula working with underprivileged teen girls as well as working with other social service organizations such as Shanti, Fill Up America and St. Anthony’s. She is dedicated to participation with organizations and movements for social change benefiting those who are most marginalized. She loves the outdoors, taking scenic road trips and is an animal rescuer and lover.

Sandra hopes to contribute to the Longmore Institutes’ long-standing dedication to community engagement in establishing cultural visibility and participating in disability studies scholarship by utilizing her professional skills on its’ behalf, while simultaneously increasing her knowledge as to both non-profit policies and functions.