The Untold Stories Of The 504 Protests


  • Even people who were there cannot agree on how long the sit-in lasted and how many occupiers were in the building.
  • A lot of HEW employees supported the protest
  • Photographs in video courtesy of HolLynn D'Lil
  • The key role of lesbians and radical organizations like the Black Panther Party is only now beginning to emerge.
  • Women wheelchair riders led the San Francisco 504 Protest.
  • Many disabled people thought the San Francisco protesters were too radical and believed it was wiser to work within the system rather than against it.
  • Some occupiers got past the Federal security guards with relative ease; a few even snuck off for showers or to the beach.
  • Deaf people participated in the sit-in but the Deaf community has mixed feelings about the Section 504 regulations because mainstreaming in education threatens Deaf language and culture.
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