Building Networks Of Support


Protestors demonstrate in favor of 504

Photographed by HolLynn D'Lil

The protest drew strength from its broad coalition of supporters such as the many shown here in front of City Hall.

The 504 protest stirred the Bay Area’s many activist communities. People from different racial, ethnic, religious and sexual backgrounds showed support. The Black Panther Party, Glide Memorial Church, the Gay Men’s Butterfly Brigade, and many others pitched in with food, equipment and people. Daily vigils outside the building kept the focus on the protest.

Photographs in video courtesy of HolLynn D'Lil

Letters of Support

  • Cesar Chavez, President of United farm Workers of America, sends a mailgram of support days before protests begin.
  • A press release from day two of the sit-in: the hunger strike begins, community support grows, and a vigil begins outside.
  • An early letter of support from the Black Panther Party calls for the Section 504 regulations to be signed, and offers solidarity with the occupiers.
  • A press release from day five of the occupation lists the ‘widening endorsements’ still flowing in, including many HEW employees and Governor Jerry Brown.
  • Letter of Support from AFGE Local # 3159, a union of employees at the San Francisco regional office of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare
  • A press release outlines George Miller’s visit and support
  • A list of representatives from religious and faith organizations supporting the sit-in and calling for the Section 504 regulations to be signed immediately.
  • A letter from State Senator Milton Marks to Joseph Maldonado, Regional Director of Health, Education, and Welfare, requests more access and telephone lines.
  • 504 Emergency Coalition press release describes a visit by Senator Julian Bond, and lists new support from politicians and organizations.
  • A press release issued after the hearing on day eleven urges protesters outside the building to continue their support.
  • Using tough anti-discrimination language, Senator Alan Cranston insists Secretary Califano sign the Section 504 regulations unchanged. Page two of Cranston’s letter warns against creating too much red tape.
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