Robyn M. Ollodort

Robyn is posing in front of a bubblegum pink wall with her hand playfully perched beneath her chin and a smirk peeking out below her sunglasses. Her light pink hair and floral skirt pop against her black hoodie, leggings, and shoes. Her colorful accents match the pink wall perfectly for the shot
Grad Student Intern

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Feminist Studies, concentration in sexuality studies, and a minor in Anthropology from UCSC. I am currently a 2.5 year MA student in Women and Gender studies. I am interested in the relationship between mediated representations and identity, and am writing about tropes of toxic masculinity and mental illness in television and movies.
I came to the Longmore Institute primarily through Superfest; having received an email calling for judges for a disability film festival, I was 100% sold. Every week we met, and those meetings were the best days of my week, because I could openly talk about the intersections of feminist theory, queer theory, and disability studies, and everyone knew what I was talking about! I am excited to be a part of the community the Longmore Institute has created on campus, and look forward to seeing more complex and diverse representations in the media.