Launch Event

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  1. Catherine Kudlick and launch party guests
  2. Catherine Kudlick, Director of the Longmore Institute, stands beside Phyllis Wong
  3. Director Catherine Kudlick stands in front of the Paul Longmore t-shirt commemoration quilt. She wears a floral scarf and a tailored blue jacket with orange glasses and holds her cane.
  4. Gene Chelberg and Catherine Kudlick pull on long, green satin ribbons that bind the quilt in order to unveil it for the crowd.
  5. Gene Chelberg unribbons the decoder quilt
  6. Hoby Wedler, Victor Pineda, Gene Chelberg
  7. A crowded doorway shows 15 people packed in, socializing before the event.
  8. Catherine Kudlick, Director, and Emily Beitiks, Assistant Director
  9. Panelists Hoby Wedler, Victor Pineda, and Emcee Gene Chelberg all sit at a table, ready to present.
  10. The center block of the Paul K Longmore T-shirt Quilt features a smiling, younger Paul, framed by the words "historian" and "activist."
  11. The Paul K. Longmore T-Shirt quilt, consisting of 14 blocks surrounded by a black border with quilting styled after Paul's breathing tube. For detailed descriptions of the t-shirts, we have provided detailed alt tags in the t-shirt collection slideshow on our homepage.
  12. Phyllis Wong Presents on Behalf of President Les Wong at a podium wearing a black suit. Gene Chelberg sits to her right.
  13. Phyllis Wong, Catherine Kudlick, Amanda Cachia, and Hoby Wedler all sit at the panel while Amanda presents.
  14. A woman stands and talks to two wheelchair riders, in the background many more people crowd in for the launch event.