Alex Locust

Alex is standing on a sidewalk leading to a beach in the background. The street is lined with palm trees and the sun is shining. As an above the knee amputee, Alex is balancing on his right leg with his crutches in his left arm. His big smile and summery clothes show he is enjoying the warm weather.
Grad Student Intern

I have a Bachelor's degree in psychology and a minor in biology from the University of Miami, Florida. I am currently a MA student in the Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling program at SFSU. As a student in this program I have been avidly seeking out experiences that further connect me to the disability community and the people within it advocating for change. In my search I happened upon the Paul K. Longmore Institute and was struck by its mission to reimagine portrayals of disability. I volunteered at Superfest in 2015 and was floored by the event's inclusivity and rich variety of disability narratives showcased. Since then I have served as a judge for Superfest and I'm excited and honored to be a part of this team in the pursuit of celebrating complex and challenging representations of disability in our culture.