1977 Disability Sit-In: The Power of Imagery Photographer Anthony Tusler

Wednesday, August 9, 2017
People protesting before entering the building. A prominent sign a woman is wearing around her neck reads "Access to Work"
The Paul K. Longmore Institute on Disability invites you to discover a remarkable, overlooked moment in U.S. history when people with disabilities occupied a government building to demand their rights. Known as the “Section 504 Sit-In,” the protest profoundly changed the lives of people with and without disabilities, and paved the way for the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in 1990.

Map and Directions

San Francisco Public Main Library 100 Larkin St., Learning Studio, 5th Floor

Event details

Disability photographer Anthony Tusler will share his experiences photographing Day 1 of the 504 protest as well as his continued efforts to document the disability experience. 

The Main Library is wheelchair accessible. To request other accommodations, contact marti.goddard@sfpl.org or call 415-557-4557Requesting accommodations at least 72 hours in advance will help to ensure availability.

Event Organizer

Paul K. Longmore Institute on Disability
Emily Beitiks