Monica Joy

My name is Monica Joy and I am a senior at SFSU majoring in Health Education, minoring in Holistic Health, and I am interested in becoming an integrative primary care nurse practitioner in the future. My numerous chronic illnesses have led me to become passionate about the healthcare field, and I want to use the experience I gained through being a patient to optimize my ability to treat my future patients in a empathetic and holistic way. I am so thankful to have found the Paul K.

Danny Thomas Vang

Danny Thomas Vang is a blind undergraduate student who wishes to combine the disciplines of Social Work and Labor Studies to conduct policy analysis and program implementation within municipal/statewide government.  With an interest to explore the intersection of gainful employment and sustainable housing in different workplace environments, he has taken advantage of internships with Supervisor Norman Yee and the Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Office.  You might find him exercising at the gym, watching anime, or spending time with family and friends outside of the classroom.    

Juhee Joshi

I am in my last year at San Francisco State finishing my undergrad in Women and Gender Studies. I am passionate about art, social justice, and the inclusion of everyone. I see the world through an intersectional lens and believe everyone should have an equal opportunity. I like to advocate for those voices who are unheard and want to stop the stigma that surrounds disabilities. My goal is to become an art therapist and work with children with disabilities.